Introduction to Learning Network Ecosystems

This course will teach you how to develop a learning network ecosystem centered around your strengths, goals, and interests as the backbone of your lifelong learning and professional evolution.  

More importantly, you will learn how a deeper understanding of self as a contributor and team member and how articulating and living your personal and professional narrative is critical to what you will get out of your LNE and any learning and/or doing community that you participate in. This will adapt as you grow. An LNE is not a brick house.  It is more like a sailboat navigating the sea of lifelong learning.

Once you review this course, you will:

  • Understand how a Learning Network Ecosystem (LNE) can act as the foundation of your lifelong learning journey.
  • Explain how an LNE relates to Communities of Practice.
  • Relate how and why you will develop and evolve your LNE as you grow personally and professionally.
  • Evaluate the learning community (communities) you participate in now and over time.
  • Explain how you plan to participate in learning cultures through mutual support and co-creation.
  • Create your new LNE plan.
Coming soon, we will also offer a practicum where you will:
  • Review all the material in the Introduction to Learning Network Ecosystems in your own time.
  •  Participate in Instructor-Led Webinars of your choice.
  • Create your own plan.
  • Put your plan into practice. 
  • Share your experience with your peers for two weeks.
  • Reflect and revise under the guidance of the instructor and peers.