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Learning networks, educators, & DAO – forming a Learning Network Ecosystem



When I first came up with the notion of educating people about the value of digital presence and personal/professional learning networks (PLNs) it was inspired by the popularity of the PLN within the educational space. Teachers actively seek inspiration, connection, and support from one another because they are inherently lifelong learners. I could draw upon my past experiences and corresponding knowledge bank as well. It wasn’t enough though, so I set about re-invigorating my own learning ecosystem and lifelong learning practices and habit.

Since the future of work and indeed the world is a deep abyss of the unknown we are all compelled to be lifelong learners and, further, take ownership of the practices and habits that will empower us to be our best at home and for our friends and peers within our workplace, and our communities

Some completely embrace this notion and are already very good at it already. At the same time, many of us have loosely formed learning networks, however, we tend to lack the skills and habits that would empower us toward greater reach, effective engagement, and active contribution.

Myself included. I am working on this and I invite you along on my journey.  Feel free to connect with me to chat.  I am actively seeking doers to chat with, interview for Learning Ecos, and become contributors to my courses.

So far I have (on top of scattered research over the last two decades) about six months of deep exploration and research influenced by people I have followed and admired for years and some through the newly discovered. At one point my background in blockchain took hold and:

Enter Web3 and moreover, DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Networks). Couple DAO and Educators and you get @Ed3DAO on Discord and a whole new perspective  🧐 🤯 🚀.  Quoted from their Twitter account:

Needless to say – I am following and the activity of doing so will become a node within my learning ecosystem.

Working on walking the talk @learningecos. Again, I invite you to join me.

Be well ~ Self-care extends beyond self.  ~ Patricia

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