The Why

When Patricia Stitson, pictured here as “Professor Patty,” with a cohort from Denmark, started her search for graduate school, her motivator was learning about cross-cultural collaboration through distance learning, then still in an infantile stage. She found one professor at CUNY collaborating with a professor in Finland (I think) and read about the challenges he faced. Of course, CUNY was a multicultural university, but these were different. 

Instinctively, she knew that distance learning was one way to bridge understanding between cultures differently, some of which are a given nowadays. 

So, as early as she could, she built a website that served as a hub and archive of all the information she researched in the ‘interwebs’. She also used ScoopIt and some other platforms she cannot remember. After sharing it in class, two of her professors asked if she would co-write as a case study for a research paper they were writing highlighting web presence, social media presence, persona, branding, identity, social presence, self-promotion, privacy, digital footprint, digital literacy, digital fluency, image, thought leadership. That left an impression on Patricia, and she has been studying it since. Incidentally, her web presence landed her a client just half -way through her 1st semester.

The What

Here will become a repository of information and resources to build a conversation about learning culture and habits. We will cover everything from historical to emerging blockchain, AI, and Web3 learning communities. These are meant to empower people to be creative and develop their own systems of lifelong learning as ecosystems that will adapt over time, helping them stay ahead of the waves of change that are here and will be for the foreseeable future, enter and adapt to the workplace and world as powerfully collaborative contributors.

The How

By talking to experts about learning and communities, providing resources for both academic dorks like me and newbies, and offering courses, there will be several opportunities for education.