Learning Networks, Culture & Ecosystems

Meet Marcella

Marcella is about to discover how taking control of her Learning Network and Ecosystem will empower her to get everything out of her doctoral experience that she is seeking. Scroll down to play the video below and learn about her current challenges. (Mobile users click here to view)*


*Full disclosure, this is a bootstrap project and this was created while demoing Powtoon’s Pro version. Review: I like it better than some others.  What do you think?

But wait! Building a Personalized Learning Network doesn't seem to be enough!

What will happen next?

Marcella will learn how to build out practices and habits that will empower her turn her Personalized Learning Network into a Learning Network Ecosystem.

Marcella will practice self-reflection, communication, and collaborative habit that will empower her to bring her best to every meeting, event, or project through reflection and clarity on how to communicate her strengths and collaborate as an effective contributor. She will cultivate her learning network ecosystem and start to reach out to individuals and join communities that interest her. In the end she is lucky enough to co-create with a team on a dream project!

Join her on her journey in our free “Introduction to Personalizing your Learning Network Ecosystem”. 

Initial Course Offerings

Introduction to Personalizing your Learning Network Ecosystem (LNE) -
Due to launch late January.

This is a free light introduction to what a Personalized Learning Network Ecosystem is and how it differs from the traditional Personal/Professional Learning Network.  This course will teach you how to develop a learning network ecosystem centered around your strengths, goals, and interests as the backbone of your long term lifelong learning and professional evolution.  

More importantly, you will learn how a deeper understanding of self as a contributor and team member and how being able to articulate and live your narrative is critical to what you will get out of your LNE and any learning and/or doing community that you participate in. This will adapt as you grow. An LNE is not a brick house.  It is more like a sailboat navigating the sea of lifelong learning.

For the academic minded people out there here are the learning outcomes.  Once you review this course you will be able to:

  • Articulate what a Learning Network Ecosystem (LNE) is and how it will adapt as the hub of your lifelong learning habit.
  • Relate how and why you should personalize your LNE is and how it differs from build a traditional Personal Learning Network or Professional Network.
  • Evaluate the learning community (communities) you are a participate in and/or your current Personal/Professional Learning Network.
  • Explain how you participate in or plan to participate in a learning culture through mutual support and co-creation.
  • Create your new LNE plan.